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FormFluid - Kunst im Thermalwasser
Bagno Popolare
Bad zum Raben Baden

In collaboration with Bad Zum Raben, PERFORM PERFORM curated an exhibition, performances and concerts in Baden's popular baths.
The exhibition "form-fluid: Art in Thermal Water" flows over into the second cycle "PLAY", which was curated together with the collective PERFORM PERFORM (Manuela Luterbacher, Gionata Morganti, Margaux Huber). From 12 November to 17 December 2022, three artistic positions from French-speaking Switzerland will be shown, which are playful, dreamy and also provocative. PERFORM PERFORM wants to use the theme "PLAY" to bring a lightness into the rigours of time, but also to give the opportunity to question the rules of life. The installations and performances are an expression of a world that is categorised but also very fluid, be it in the realm of the physical, sexuality, attraction or disciplines and forms. The invited artists show projects that deal with sensuality, vulnerability, emancipation and desire; fluidity is in the foreground, but the playfulness and humour are not forgotten.

Kurplatz 3B / Quellengasse 1

5400 Baden

Monday - Wednesday: closed

Thursday: 4 - 8pm

Friday: closed

Saturday: 4 - 8pm

Sunday: 2 - 6pm

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